This is the Easiest Way to Change Your
USPS Address Online (Without Waiting in Line!)

All you have to do is find your post office. Choose your state below to get started.

Going through the hassle of changing your address is the last thing you need while moving! The running around, the forms, the waiting in line—you could spend hours on just a few minor details.

US Mailing Change of Address is the fastest, most convenient way to file a change of address with ANY post office right from home in minutes instead of hours. Even if you’ve never filled a form out online before. Just choose your state below, fill in some basic information, and you are all set.

Changing your address is required BY LAW. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

NOTE: You can change your address with the USPS yourself for $1, but YOU have to complete the entire process manually and assume the risk.

Now Changing Your Postal Address is As Easy As 1-2-3

US Mailing Change of Address makes this complicated and time consuming process simple and convenient.

It only takes 3 steps.

  • Choose your state: Tell us where you’re moving FROM to get the process started.
  • Fill in your basic information: Tell us your old address. Tell us your new address. Tell us the nature of your move (temporary, permanent, or business). That’s it! Just submit your one-time processing fee and you’ve done all the work!
  • Wait while we prepare your bundle: Once we process everything, it will be displayed on your personalized moving dashboard so you can organize your move. From there, just follow some simple step-by-step instructions to ensure all your details are in order.

You’ve just saved:

  • Time: No more driving to the post office to wait in line and fill out forms! You’ll be done in minutes.
  • Money: Don’t waste gas or miss time at work. Let us handle everything!
  • Stress: Moving your whole life to a new city is stressful enough. Let us take this off your plate so you have one less thing to worry about.

Your One Time Processing Fee Includes Exclusive Moving Benefits

For a low one-time fee, you gain access to our exclusive customer benefits potentially worth hundreds of dollars or more.

  • Personalized Discounts on Movers and Supplies: We have business relationships with moving agents and suppliers and can get you exclusive discounts worth hundreds of dollars or more
  • World-Class Support: If you have any questions at any time, we are available to help you through this process in ways the USPS can’t.
  • Tools to Make Moving Easier:We’ll provide a moving checklist and eBook to help facilitate your move FREE.
  • Organize Your Move EASILY: Your personalized moving dashboard makes it easier than ever to organize every facet of your move from address changes to communication with your mover and beyond.
  • Let Us Handle the IRS and DMV Too: Don’t forget you have to change ALL your important government addresses. We can handle those too and all in one place to save you time.