USPS Change Of Address

4 Ways You Can Submit A USPS Change Of Address

USPS Change Of Address

In the past, a change of address was always handled at the post office. These days, you have options. You essentially have four choices, and we are going to go over each one of them together. Once you are done reviewing how to submit a change of address request, you will know which option is best for you. Each one of them is easy enough to do, but beware, one of them has you standing in line at the post office the old-fashioned way.

1. Apply In The Post Office Manually

Apply Change Of Address Manually

That’s just a little joke because it’s sometimes difficult to slow down these days long enough to stand in line like that at the post office. Yet there is certainly nothing wrong with taking care of things the old-fashioned way. So let’s start there. You make your way to the post office, and you get in that line. Once you are there, you are going to request a mover’s packet.

Inside that mover’s packet, you’re going to find all kinds of things. There are always coupons for companies that do business with people who are moving to a new location. You may or may not need those coupons, but you will find the form you need the packet for your change of address. First, are you moving permanently or temporarily?

Many people get these moving packets for a temporary change of address. You just fill out the form, including the dates, and then you hand the form to the post office clerk or put it in the mail. You do have to give the post office enough time to handle your change of address request. Keep that in mind as you submit your request.

2. Apply USPS Change Of Address Online

Apply Change Of Address Online

The form at the post office may seem like the easiest way to get things done because it is what people are used to right now. Yet more and more people are deciding to do it a different way. You see, you can also just simply fill out the form online. That’s actually the best way to do it these days, though you’re charged $1 for the identity verification process. Or you may process online usingĀ us postal services change of address.

If that threw you off a little, it did me, too. I didn’t like the idea that the post office would charge for a change of address. Yet it is only $1, just over the cost of a stamp. Plus, you don’t have to drive to the post office, so you’re saving gas, and time, too. Once I digested the fact that it’s a convenience to do it online, hence the $1 charge, I decided that it wasn’t such a big deal. You also have two other options though.

3. Visit USPS Website

Say you don’t want to pay the $1 charge, but you don’t want to go to the post office. You can go to the USPS website, find the change of address form and then simply print it out. Once you print it out, you just fill it out to drop in the mailbox. That is another simple way to take care of the matter from home without having to pay a dime. It sure sounds easy, don’t you think?

4. Call The Post Office

Yet you do need a printer, and you do have to manually fill out the form. Let’s look at one more option that you have before we discuss more the process of changing your address. You can also call the post office. That actually sounds like the easiest method in a way, but you have to realize that the phone is not as quick as doing it online. You may have to fill out the online form, but visiting the website is the quickest way.

Plus, if you call to change your address over the phone, you still have to pay the $1. That’s right, there is still an identity verification process. What I don’t get is that you have to verify your identity to change your address online or over the phone, but you can do it in person just by dropping the form off in the mail. Do you see what I mean?

It’s like they want you to prove who you are using the two newest methods. Yet when it comes to the actual printed form, you don’t have to deliver it in person. You can simply fill it out and drop it off in the mail. The post office goes over the form and starts forwarding your mail.

Which option do you choose?

Apply USPS Change Of Address

After reading over the four methods regarding a change of address, which sounds like the best solution to you? If you ask me, I would rather do it online. It seems like the no-hassle way to get things done, despite the $1 fee. You might want to avoid the fee, but you’re going to still have to get to the post office anyway.

The only other option I would pick is to print out the form. Yet as it stands right now, I would have to go somewhere to do that. I think most of us would have to handle it that way if we needed to print out a form, right? If you have to go somewhere, you might as well go to the post office, or resolve to handle it online. Plus, if you’re going online to print the form, even at home, you might as well just handle it electronically.

The only downside is that you have to pay that $1. It’s the quick and easy way to get the job done though, and I think it sounds like a plan. It only takes a few of minutes to fill out the form and make your payment. Now, you might be thinking that you don’t know where to go online to get the job done. The USPS website makes it quite easy.

It is easy to find the change of address section, and it is easy to understand the form and what needs to be done next. The site will walk you through the steps, and you will wonder why you ever thought about manually filling out the form and visiting the post office. It sure is nice to press the easy button, don’t you agree?

There are four options here, but I really only see one. Yes, it sounds good to print out the form and avoid the post office and the fee. But then you think about the fact that you’re already online with the USPS website, and you could be done in minutes electronically vs printing out the form and filling it out to put in the mail. All the sudden, it doesn’t sound like the best choice.

The best choice is paying the $1 to do everything electronically. If it is a temporary change of address, you can also revisit your request if the dates change. For example, let’s say that you set a date 6 months in advance for your mail to stop being forwarded. Yet later on down the road, you realize you’re coming back early, in 3 months time. You can modify your request so that your mail will stop being forwarded.

Apply For USPS Change Of Address In Advance

The USPS will update your change of address request, and they will have your mail delivered on time to the right place. Just be sure that you always take care of these matters 7-10 business days in advance so that you can be guaranteed that they get to your request in time. And one thing you don’t want to do is forget to have your mail forwarded, whether temporarily or permanently.

There are times when people think that they should avoid changing their address with the post office. You may not think it’s very important, but you will end up not getting some of your mail that you need. That could really cause some issues come tax time and when you are expecting other types of correspondence. It may not seem like that big of a deal right now, but it can be for sure.

You might as well make sure that you get your mail, and don’t wait to put in a forward request until after you move. Better late than never, but you want to get it put in ahead of time. Since it’s so easy to do online, then you have plenty of time to get the job done. Back in the day, you would just have to make sure you get to the post office on time. That really isn’t the choice way to do things these days.

Submitting Form With USPS

Since you are using a device to read this right now, you are moments away from submitting your change of address request. Remember that when submitting a temporary change of address, you can always modify it later. Just make sure you have a good start date in mind, and you’re good to go. Once you get to your new location, you can change the end date if necessary.

Moving can be complicated at times, but you’re certainly excited about what lies ahead. One thing that doesn’t have to be complicated is submitting the change of address form with the USPS. They make it quite simple by providing you with four options. One thing that hasn’t been discussed just yet is how you pay that $1 identity verification fee.

Pay By Debit Or Credit Card

As you can well imagine, you are going to be using a debit or credit card. This card is used to help verify your identity, and you might as well call it a convenience fee, too. That’s how you pay the fee, with your card, and then they know it’s you submitting the request. Be sure to check your email for confirmation of your change of address.

Benefits Of Applying Online

Benefits Of Applying Online

While you’re at it, think about how many other things you can handle online as well these days. For example, you can also submit a request for a replacement social security card, and it doesn’t cost you anything either. That government office uses a different type of identity verification process, and so you don’t have to pay the $1.

The government may take some time to catch up to technology when it comes to certain situations. Yet you can change your address online, request a new social security card and much more. You might as well always check to see if you can press the easy button first.

You have certainly looked into how to change your address with the USPS online, and you have found that it’s one of four options. As I said, I think it’s the absolute best and easiest option to go with. It’s the quickest and best, just not the cheapest. Now if they charged $5 to do it, well that would be a little different. But I have no qualms about paying $1, do you?

Now if you are consistently submitting temporary changes of address from year to year because you live in two different places, those costs can add up. Yet it’s still just $1 each time you submit a request, so that’s not too bad. Plus, if you submit a temporary change of address, you get to input the end date, too. That makes everything easy and cheap still, even if you have to modify the request later.

Changes of address have been made easier by the USPS these days, that’s for sure. It wasn’t that the old-fashioned form was complicated, but it sure does help to save some time. Everyone knows the post office line can be packed, and now you can handle the request virtually and easily. Just visit the USPS website, click on the right option, and you’re good to go.

You may be wondering if it really is that easy to navigate the website. Yes, it really is, and you will be done in a flash. Don’t resign to going to the post office if you would rather save the time. Take the initiative to submit the request online, and you will be glad you did. It’s fun getting things done faster when you know the easier way. You just have to take the time to learn something new.