USPS Change Of Address Online

USPS Change of Address Online

A USPS Change Of Address Online Is A Piece Of Cake

Changing your address with the USPS is simple and easy. You’re able to do it online, but you do have to verify your identity. You can choose to submit a temporary or permanent address change, and you can also cancel or modify your request. Here are some tips to help you get that change of address submitted online without a hitch.

  • It was mentioned that you can modify or cancel a change of address request. First, let’s say that it’s important to mention that this applies specifically to a temporary change of address. The reason for that is to cancel or modify a permanent change of address, all you do is simply submit a new request. When modifying a temporary change of address, you are able to change the dates online.
    Let’s say for example that you set your mail to be forwarded for 6 months. You decide at a later date, however, that you’re going to want to come back home a little sooner. Maybe you’re a snowbird on vacation in Florida, or you’re traveling for business. Whatever the case may be, you decide you’re returning home and need to stop the forwarding of your mail.
  • You can look up the change of address request online and change the dates, or you can simply just cancel the request. It’s really simple, and you get to avoid that cumbersome trip to the United States Post Office. I think we can all agree that it’s nice to not have to go to the post office too often.
  • When you do go to the post office, you’re typically standing in a long line and have to wait for quite awhile. People are sending packages, buying stamps, paying for PO boxes and everything under the sun. Sometimes you have business at the post office that requires you to show up in person. Yet you don’t have to do that when you want to submit a change of address.

What If You Don’t Have The Internet Connection At Home?

If you don’t want to go the to the USPS website or don’t have an Internet connection at home, you can still avoid a post office trip. Let’s look at that first before I review with you the steps for changing your address online. What you do is call the 1-800 number for the post office. You will take care of the address change over the phone simply enough.

  • Yet this is a good time to bring up the convenience fee. That’s what I call it, but it’s really a fee charged as you are verifying your identity. In order to verify your identity, the post office charges you $1, which means you’re going to need to have that debit or credit card ready. But wait, isn’t a change of address free?
  • Yes, a change of address is free if you do it offline using the paper form. Yet if you call or do it online, you have to verify your identity and pay the $1. It’s only $1, but that does turn people off a little, with some people thinking it’s not just an unnecessary expense but not a good reason to give out debit and credit card information. Remember, you are dealing the USPS, and they will take good care of your information.
  • Alternatively, you can print out the change of address form and mail it, avoiding the trip to the post office yet again. It would be free, but do you have a printer? While that sounds like a logical thing to do, it’s actually a hassle to ask most people to print a form these days. People that want to use the paper form to submit a change of address request usually just pick it up at the post office.
  • That would put you right back to square one, visiting the post office, and you don’t want that. So if you still are prepared to look into how to submit a change of address online and haven’t already picked up the phone, you have chosen the most simple solution. It’s going to work out great. You will be done in a flash, though it doesn’t mean your change of address will go into effect immediately. It still takes the USPS the same amount of time to confirm your request for forwarding mail.
    That shouldn’t bother you though because you’re able to take care of your end of things easy enough. All you have to do is submit the request and wait for it to go into effect. You are going to take care of the change of address request ahead of time anyway. You will be prepared and ready to go, receiving your mail at the new location.

USPS Change of Address Online

USPS Change of Address Online

Steps To Submit Address Change With USPS

As far as the steps to submitting that address change with the USPS , it’s really quite simple.

You will be giving them your personal information just like if you filled out the written request form.

You will be asked to verify your identity with a debit or credit card, and you will be charged $1.

You may also visit united states postal service change address for online processing.

You will provide them with dates for a temporary change of address if that applies.

Then you will submit your request, and you will receive an electronic confirmation, giving you peace of mind.

It’s not every day that you have to submit a change of address. It could be that last time you did, it was years ago. The online option might not have been available then. Honestly, 7 years ago when I changed my address, I don’t know it if was available then or not. It might have been and makes sense, yet changing your address online wasn’t quite the trend just yet at least. Now it is, and you can do it, easy as pie.

While you don’t foresee yourself having to change your address again anytime soon, unless you are submitting a temporary address change, you know what to do next time. You also want to keep track of what you’re doing in case you have to go back and make any modifications. It’s really simple, so you’ll be just fine.

USPS Change of Address Online

Change Of Address Is An Easy Process

The change of address form is Form 3575, and it’s available at your post office. When you read that, did you just heave a sigh? You shouldn’t now because you know that you can avoid that post office trip. All you have to do is decide to go online to the USPS website and get the job done. You will be done with your change of address request in just a few minutes, even if you are completely new to the process.

They make it easy for you. You don’t have to worry about that. It’s pretty cut and dry. If you want to submit it online but don’t have Internet access at home, even visiting your local library would be much better than standing in line at the post office. And remember, you can also always call the USPS and handle the change of address over the phone.

Just remember that just like there are lines at the post office, there might be a wait time on the phone, too. One way to avoid the line or queue entirely is to fast pass yourself to the front and do it online. Everyone is at the front of the line when you submit a change of address request over the Internet. As long as you’re willing to pay the $1 to the USPS, you’re good to go.

It’s really simple, and you can expect the entire process to go smoothly. You’ve got many other things to think about if you’re moving, so push the easy button on something like this. You want all of your important mail to show up on time at the right location, and this is the way to handle the request quickly.

Of course, you want confirmation, and as mentioned, you will get that confirmation. All you have to do is wait for it to show up in your email inbox. That doesn’t mean you can’t get the mover’s guide with all the coupons either. You don’t have to pass up any benefits, but you do want to be sure that you pass up that post office visit if you can help it. You need to save as much time as possible for other important matters.

Good Reason To Submit USPS Change of Address Online

  • You have a life to live. Perhaps you will be standing in line at the post office again in the near future, but you will have a good reason for doing so. Right now, you have good reason to submit your change of address request online. Keep it simple, and avoid the hassle of filling out that paper form. It’s much faster to take care of this matter where you stand right now, filling out the form electronically and pressing the submit button.
  • Maybe you’ll save the time you need to take care of another matter in person. Not everything can be handled online, thankfully, because we would all probably get a little too lazy. Yet it’s great when you can avoid certain matters in person like a trip to the post office. What’s ironic about me saying that is I personally love trips to the post office. Yet let me explain why.
  • First, it is when I get exercise. It is where I get all my mail, and I often get packages. It is also usually a special weekend outing, and the scenery walking along the way is nice. Lastly, I am almost never inside the part of the post office where you stand in line. I just show up there to do my business with my PO Box. So it’s interesting to me that I’m telling you that you get to avoid the post office when I love going there.
  • Still, we all love the post office. We just don’t want to stand in line, right? When it comes to a simple change of address, you are good to go if you just submit the request using your tablet, phone or laptop. You might feel funny filling out the old-school form now in person if you choose to do so, knowing what you know now. Which is it going to be?
  • I understand that the whole convenience fee thing can throw you off. It threw me a little, too, thinking that if it weren’t the USPS, that sounds a little fishy. But it’s the USPS. They aren’t up to risky business, and they just have to make sure you are submitting a change of address legitimately. That is how it works.
  • Now that you know how it works, it actually sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? None of the steps are painstaking, and you will seriously be done in just minutes. Once you get that confirmation email, it’s on to other business. You were going to pay the $1 and then some in gas to drive to the post office anyway. Besides, time is money, too.

Save Time Applying USPS Change of Address Online

Time is precious, and you want to spend more time with those you love. You don’t want to spend 30 minutes in line at the post office, plus your drive time to boot. You can spend just a few minutes navigating the USPS website and submitting your request. You might be wondering how it could be that easy, but you’re going to see soon enough. They actually want you to do it this way because they can free up those lines a little more. Yet hopefully they do figure out a way to have people avoid the convenience fee.

For now, and until next time, it costs $1. You won’t be worrying about that. You will be smiling that you took care of the address change request online after reading this piece about how to get the job done. Submit your request online with the USPS, and you can be moving on to other business matters. Then next time you hear someone talking about an address change, you can remind them as well that all can be handled online easily enough without having to worry about a thing. Pay it forward!

USPS Change of Address Online

USPS Change of Address Online