U.S. Postal Service Change of Address

All You Need To Know About U.S. Postal Service Change of Address

U.S. Postal Service Change of Address

It is easy to change your address after moving to a new house. It is straightforward. And it takes a short time. In fact, this should be the first you need to do when you are planning to move into a new house.

If you do not change your address immediately, you may lose important pieces of mail.

Here are the most important things you must know before changing your U.S. postal service address.

Know Your Complete and Correct New Address

Know Your Complete and Correct New Address

Do not change your old U.S. postal service address if you don’t know your new address. This may seem silly right now, but you may register a wrong address with the U.S. postal service if you are not careful. Moving causes a lot of fatigue. That is why it is usually hard to focus on other important things when moving.

Moving to a new house is time-consuming. It is challenging. And it is hard to choose the right moving company. Therefore, you will spend a lot of time thinking of choosing the right moving company and worrying about the safety of your belongings.

Therefore, it is easy to forget your new address. Write down the new address. Confirm it with your new landlord or a realtor if the address is the right one. If you are sure that it is the right one, visit the U.S postal service office and change. Or you just change your postal mail address online .

Temporary or Permanent Change of Address?

You can file for a permanent change of address or temporary change of address. File for a permanent change of address if you are moving to a new home permanently. You are changing your address permanently. If you are not planning to move houses in the future, choose this option.

File for a temporary change of address if you are moving temporarily. For example, when you are going to spend winter in a warmer place. U.S. postal service will forward your mail from your old address to your new address. However, it is only for a specific period of time.

Family or Individual Change of Address?

Family or Individual Change of Address

How many people are you moving with? Or how many people are moving in with you? Include their names when changing your USPS address. This is required when you are filling the change of address form.

Are there members of your family who have different surnames? Are there members who are staying behind? If there are, you need to fill out a different change of address forms.

It is not fun, but know that USPS does not forward mail if the recipient’s names do not match the name written on the request form.

It is much easier to change your USPS address if your entire family is moving.

How Long Does it Take to Change an Address?

A change of address usually takes around 7 days after changing COA request. The process time depends on several factors such as time of year, exact location, and the number of requests being processed. It takes a shorter time if there are a few requests.

How Far in Advance to Change Your Address?

It is hard to know how far in advance to change your address when moving into a new house. Some experts recommend that you change your address two weeks before moving. The change of address is completed within those two weeks. And you will be able to get your mail in your new home. This is a good advice. However, there is mail that usually gets lost when you are moving.

It is easy to forget a lot of things when you are moving. There are a lot of things that need your attention. That is why it is important to write everything. Write down your new address and all your belongings when you are moving into your new home.

How Do You Change Your U.S. Postal Service Address?

Changing your U.S. postal service address takes a short time. You can change it online or visit the offices of the U.S. postal services.

Here’s how to change your address online

Change your address online

Visit the official website of U.S. post service and change your address. However, U.S. postal service charges a $1 fee. They use the fee to verify your identity. Therefore, you must have a debit card or a credit card when changing your address online.

However, there are some scammers who will ask for a lot of money to help you change your address. Do not spend more than $1. If you find a website that asks for more than $1 to change your address, know that the website is a scam.

Here’s how to change your address offline

Firstly, call 1-800-ASK-USPS. They will ask you to pay $1 verification fee when changing your address over the phone.

Secondly, visit your local post office and ask for Form 3575. You won’t pay verification fee if you visit their offices in person.

How to Change or Cancel Your Request

We make mistakes so don’t worry when you make a mistake when changing your USPS address. It is easy to cancel or change your request, but you must have a confirmation number.

If you had changed your address online, you can find the number on your email. And you can find the number on the letter if you changed your address at your local post office.

You can view, cancel, or update your request online.

The Importance of Changing Your USPS Address Online

Millions of Americans move every year. This causes a lot of wastes and it can take a toll on the environment. Changing your address can have a big impact on the environment.

Here are the benefits of changing your address online.

  • Firstly, it saves the environment. As mentioned above, millions of people move every year. Therefore, millions of pieces of paper are used every year. Avoiding the use of paper reduces the CO2 emissions. Therefore, USPS is encouraging all people to change their address online.

  • Secondly, changing your address online saves a lot of time. There are a lot of things you must do when you are moving. You must select the right moving company. Park your belongings properly. So, you may not have time to visit a postal office to change your address. Therefore, you can change your address at the comfort of your home.

  • Thirdly, it is convenient. There are so many people who visit postal offices to change their addresses. Some of these people are changing their addresses temporarily. Therefore, you may find that there are so many people waiting in these offices to change their address. You will be forced to wait for some time. You don’t have to worry about this when changing your address online.These are the best reasons why you should change your USPS address online. It is easy. It is cheap. And it is convenient. If you want to conserve our environment, you will change your address online.

Update Your Address with Other Agencies and Companies

Update Your Address with Other Agencies and Companies

  • Most people do not receive their important mail. Do you know why? Because they did not update their address with other Government agencies and companies.Moving into a new house is exciting so it is hard to think of something else when you are moving into a new house. That is why a lot of people forgot to update their addresses in different companies.Update your address with the following agencies and companies.
  • Internal Revenue Service

Are you waiting for a tax refund or any other mail? If so, contact the internal revenue service and change your address. Or write your new USPS address in an appropriate box when you are filing the tax return. The IRS will save the new address.

  • Department of Veterans Affairs

Veterans who want to update their records or those who receive benefit payments can contact the department of veteran affairs.

  • U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)

If you are a non-U.S. citizen, contact U.S. citizenship and immigration services and register your new address. Do this within 10 days of moving.

  • Social Security Administration

Use your Social Security account to change your address online. Who can change my Social Security? People who are enrolled in Medicare, people who receive Social Security retirement, disability benefits, and survivors. However, there are people who do not receive Social Security benefits or Medicare, they can change their address in person or by phone.

  • Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License

Change your address on your motor vehicle registration or on your driver’s license.

Revise Your Billing Address

How many bills do you have? Write them down, especially the bills that you receive in paper form. Contact these companies and update your address.

In fact, there are some companies that let their customers update their information online. Change your billing address immediately you get a new address. This will make sure that you will never miss any bill.

  • Magazine and Catalog Subscriptions

Magazines and catalog subscriptions will always be delivered to your old address. And they may charge you for these subscriptions. It is better to change your address when you are moving.

Update your magazines and catalogs online. You can even call them and ask them to change the address if you want to continue getting their magazines. If you don’t want to receive these magazines and catalogs in your new home, cancel the subscriptions.

  • Friends and Family

Do not move without telling your friends and family. Give them your new address. Send them your new address over the phone. It is easy. And it is cheap. In fact, most of your friends and family members will visit you in your new home.

  • Your Bank

Banks send bank statements to their clients. Therefore, change the address when moving into a new home.

If you love shopping online, you can verify the billing address on your debit card. Update the address on your debit card.

Visit the bank in person and change your address. And if you have an online bank account, you can change your U.S postal service address on your online account.

  • Organizations and Clubs

Are you a member of an organization or a club? Do you get a monthly subscription in your mail from these organizations? If so, contact these organizations and clubs and ask them to update your address. Visit their offices and ask them to update your address.

  • Insurance

If you are planning to keep your health insurance provider, call the insurance provider and let them know you are changing your address. Give them your new address.

However, if you are moving to a new state, update both your insurance and address. Update your insurance after you have completed the move.

  • Renters Insurance

Do you rent? If so, then you have renters insurance. Change your insurance policy or switch to a new provider when you are moving.

If you have a homeowner’s insurance, you should do the same.

If you have any other insurance policy, call them and ask them to change your address.

  • Online Orders

A lot of people shop online these days. Do you love online shopping? If so, the best online stores may have your old address. Therefore, change your address before shopping in these stores.

Visit online retailers that you use online. Find out if it easy to update your address. If it is hard, contact them. Let them help you have changed your U.S. post service address.

Change your address in the places mentioned above. Most people lose important mail because they did not change their U.S. postal service address. Do not wait until it is too late.

Write down your new address and change your address in all the companies that usually send you mail. Call them and give them your new address. And call again to confirm that they have actually changed your address.

It is easy to change your U.S. postal service address online. You don’t have to visit the post offices. A lot of people use post offices. If you hate waiting in line, change your USPS address online. It is fast. And it is cheap. However, there are scammers online, so be careful when changing your address online.